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Posted by AngiGrrrl on 11/20/2008 in Musings |

Facebook is really honking me off right now. First off, now that I have Facebook mobile, my computer version has turned Captcha back on so I have to fill out that annoying “words in a box” thing EVERY time I write on someone’s wall. I tried to reverify but it is not going well. I emailed support but have received no reply. …yet. I think I will have to delete Facebook mobile and try to reinstall it. Maybe that will fix the computer version. I should note that when I hit the verify button it tells me to verify my phone number, which I have obviously already done because I am receiving the mobile updates. *sigh*

Secondly, why do we have friend lists if we can’t message all of them at once? If you have less than 20 friends on the list, you CAN send them a message. Seriously? I have over 600 friends. The only list that is smaller than 20 was my High School list and it jumped to 24 yesterday. There is not even a function that allows you to select PART of the list. You just have to find them one by one. Which brings me to my biggest gripe…

I have been trying to blog everyday. It is harder than I thought it would be! Coming up with topics that I think people will find even marginally interesting everyday is a little taxing. Recently I wrote about my hometown. I thought the people I know who have lived there might get a kick out of it. Hence the trying to message everyone at once thing. When it didn’t work I started going to their pages individually and posting a note with the link on their wall. Bad move on my part. Now Facebook thinks I am a spammer because I was pasting the post on the walls and I was audacious enough to do it 10 times in a row. How do they tell me they don’t like it? They put up a pink box that says I have exceeded my wall post allotment and am banned until further notice! Bleah! I am not a spammer! Now don’t get me wrong, I hate spammers as much as you do, but seriously? 10 posts? Well I think it is because I cut and pasted. I guess telling people about this blog is out of the question on Facebook. Silly me, assuming the friends I have don’t look at my posts every day. Apparently Facebook thinks they will!

Ok ok. Enough ranting.

I just discovered that the lock out time is 3 hours. I guess first time offenders only get a little slap on the wrist. Ooooo I wonder if this is going to go down on my permanent record… *brief pause to sing Kiss Off by the Violent Femmes*

Ok. Laundry is dry, coffee is cold and Cooper is snoring away on the couch. I guess Coffee Time is over. Bummer.


*Angi WB*

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  • Samm says:

    Ok… so I can't remember how I added this and I don't know how many people it allows… but I have a tab on my toolbar now where I can share any link I go to on Facebook. I have the option of sending it to Facebook people or posting it. You could go to your blog, hit the button that says share on Facebook (though I don't remember how I installed it) and then either send as a message (hence, enter the names you want to share with) or post to your profile. Don't know if that helps or not! But it's a cool function. 🙂

  • Skinner Family says:

    I so agree with you on the writing 20 friends at a time. It is annoying.

    I think I somehow put a feed reader on my blog so when I post, it is suppose to post on the introduction wall. It probably doesn't work… since I probably did it wrong. At any rate, I'm reading your blogs!

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