October already?

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Ohhh I do love Halloween. It is for sure my favorite holiday. I think I used to love it as a kid strictly for the candy, but as I got older I began to appreciate the cool costumes and the whole idea of being someone else for the night. I know whodathunkit? A grrrl who works in the theatre likes to pretend to be someone else. No stretch there, but still…. I just think it is so much fun and so magical. The one night of the year when you can just cut loose.

I read a thing on MSNBC that said Halloween is out and a new thing is in. It’s called “Falloween.” I think it’s just so the candy and greeting card industries can have more stuff to sell, but it’s all good to me since its more Halloween time.

No, I didn’t make it up:
Falloween (fawl.oh.WEEN) n. An extended celebration or observance of Halloween, often beginning several weeks before the day; the retail season that extends from the beginning of fall through Halloween and Thanksgiving in the U.S..

Here is some interesting info I found on wordspy….
This term unites the words fall and Halloween to recognize the lengths to which many people now go to celebrate the latter. (I think most people know the origin of Halloween. Just in case, it was originally Hallow-e’en or Hallowe’en, a contraction of All-Hallow-Even, the night before All Hallows Day — now All Saints Day — which is November 1.) If you saw houses bedecked with pumpkins and skulls and cobwebs a couple of weeks ago, then you know those people are fully immersed in the Falloween thing.

I don’t care what it is called, I just like to celebrate and hand out candy and go to costume parties and eat cool treats. Can you imagine how cute my 7 year old step-daughter is as a PRINCESS???? Yeah, she rocks.

I think I actually get to go to a costume party this year. Jamie M. said she was thinking about having one at the Festival. Oooch I hope she does, but I have no idea what to wear. Frankly, I left all my costume stuff in Cedar City, UT. Because we always have the Superhero party and I guess I bring new stuff in the hopes that I will figure out a new costume….

But I digress….

I know the celebration we have now is nothing like the original. I know that people used to “celebrate” by leaving out offerings for the dead and by putting stuff on their houses to ward off the evil spirits.

Right now I sort of feel like I am an evil spirit. Maybe I am…..

DO you know this costs $60??!!!??!?!?!?! Ohh I want to go, but good goddess who can afford such prices???? Well I guess lots of people who make more money than me (just about everyone does!).

So if you happen to somehow have some extra tickets (that have ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR), I would love to have 2.


Told you I was feeling evil.


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  • pixel814 says:

    Man I wish we could both go…of course you'd probably get sick of me digging my head in to your back… 😛

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