Losing weight sucks my ass

Posted by AngiGrrrl on 01/24/2006 in Musings |


Okay so I have been doing the Discovery Health Body Challenge for 2 weeks. Have I lost any weight? Well okay so I lost the 7 lbs that I gained over Christmas. But have I lost any more? Nope. Am I at the gym sweating my ass off on the treadmill? Yes. The first week I only went 3 times because they said “start slow.” Okay so I started slow but this week I said “fuck it” and have been going every day. Am I losing any weight? NO. Are my muscles sore? Yes. Have I lost any inches? Not that I can see.


I’m working out an hour a day and eating right. I stopped the Adkins thing and went to low fat -low calories. I know that it is healthier but I was losing weight before when I was on low carb!!!!! SO I guess I am going to try to do something like a mix of low carb and low calorie and try to keep the fat under control as well. Damn seems like I might as well just take vitamins and eat celery! (Stop it! I would never really do that so don’t you dare send me an email about how you are worried that I am going to make myself sick!)

The truth behind my problems losing weight???


and candy. Yes, its true, I am an adult who LOVES candy. Why why why do I have to have a freaking sweet tooth?????????? Because God hates me, that’s why. No, I guess that’s a cop out and its really that I hate dieting and exercise.

Okay I am trying so get off my back! (talking to myself I think)

My promise to myself: just get through every day…..and go to the gym!

I need something. Maybe encouragement – maybe kudos – maybe a candy bar (okay maybe not). I need to believe that I can actually do it…..cause right now the scale is not my friend…..

Yeah, that’s right! I wrote a blog whining about me and pitying myself. WHAT???????!!?

(apparently being passive aggressive makes me feel better)

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  • Melissa says:

    Okay. I know nothing about losing weight…. but have you ever had your thyroid tested? I have a friend who wasn't losing weight and when I suggested that to her… and she got the right meds it worked. Otherwise, I love candy too! Chocolate yummy! But they have those protein/slim fast/etc bars with chocolate… do they work? Best wishes with it all!

  • Judie says:

    Oh punkin! I know how you feel! It sucks booty! And the worst part? Losing weight is suppose to get harder with age! ACK! If it's this hard now I don't even want to imagine 45!

    But keep at it!
    I'm sure you're hard efforts will pay off!
    You're doing awesome!

  • Anonymous says:

    I feel your pain. I've started gaining weight since I started Bally's. I was doing better on Weight Watchers alone. But people do this for a reason, right? It has to work eventually. As for the candy thing… (from another girl with a sweet tooth from hell) neither dove dark chocolate squares or a serving of gummi's are especially bad for you and they are way yummy. Good luck!!!! -Gina

  • The Fabulous Miss Rose says:

    Boo! 😀

    You might want to check out the South Beach Diet. From what I know of it, it is a more realistic approach to low carb thing (since you say low carb worked better for you). I gave up on the low/no carb thing because it was unhealthy and I wasn't losing any weight until *surprise* I realized that not eating a ton (low carb or not) and not eating really close to bedtime worked wonders. Now I switched to whole grain bread tuna sammiches. Yum! (Or natural peanut butter/100% fruit jelly sammiches.)

    Oh, and chocolate is okay. (How could it not be?) Just go for the really good dark stuff (not Hershey's or Nestle's or whatever.) It's weird, but I feel kinda healthy when I eat the stuff I buy in blocks from Whole Foods. 😛

  • ivettza says:

    oh honey!
    i'm going through the same thing – but don't worry – these things take time!
    and i'm sure you'll achieve your goal weight and by the way – you're beautiful already. 🙂

  • Clark says:

    You know bulemia is a recognized technique for quick weight loss. Teenagers all do it, and they seem pretty on the ball!

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