Ahhh the Company Meeting and the BBQ

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Change change change

That’s the theme this year.

The Company meeting was no exception! Fred opened with a joke about his lack of real hair. YES HE DID! Alan Ames killed with some jokes about how tough he is. Jim and Kathleen gave moving and eloquent speeches about being true to the words and bringing truth to a world filled with spin doctors. Scott told us who is now doing what and they all stood up so we could check them out!
Heather told us that we are living on PLANET BARD (and was quite PUNNY!!!)
Eric told us not to piss her off by coming to the Sugar Shack window at intermission. She also ordered new jacket styles and they are cool! (I got the polar fleece one!!!!!)

There were no give away’s at the Ellis Island portion of our journey this year…… *snif*

BUT Bresnan cable was there as well as Gold’s Gym and Wells Fargo.

The Festival provides basic cable for Equity members. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT????!!!!??????? It’s just a perk they give us, they aren’t required. I love them for this. We really only get 12 channels (but we get 2 versions of each on so we really have 24!). YAY!

Anyway, back to the meeting. So Fred didn’t give his “you will get dry in places you didn’t know you had” speech to the full company. I heard he did give it to the actors though, so that’s good. No one told us not to say the F word or how bad it is to say the G word in this town….so we are just passing that word around.

The meeting was short and pretty fun. I was not bored once. NO REALLY!

Okay here is a piece of gossip-like info….. the Bowling Party is not listed on our parties list. Heather said at the meeting that it didn’t mean we AREN’T having one, just that it has not yet been scheduled. Hopefully it will all get worked out! No bowling party would just be sad!

The BBQ was only okay. I’m not going to lie to you. It was in the Adams Courtyard (probably because they were afraid it was going to rain) AND THE COURTYARD IS TOO FREAKING SMALL FOR ALL OF US!!!!!! The tables were so close together that fat asses like me couldn’t get through without bumping people on both sides. Plus there were not enough chairs for everyone. The food is always the same and that’s cool. The cookies were AWESOME this year though. Lots of homemade and only a few store bought. The prizes were very small. Only about 4 or 5 things to the company members and about the same for the Guild. (Although I would have rather had ANY of the Guild’s prizes – – dinner at Milt’s and a trip to Zion Nation Park) over our stuff (Pasta Basket – Laundry Basket – Breakfast Basket) but I have been here for a while and so I have all the stuff they were giving out. Remember the days of 20 or more prizes scattered over the course of a couple hours? That was cool.

Well at this BBQ the speeches were short (although I am now in love with a guy who I think is part of the Utah State Senate who tried to pass a bill to get a Utah Shakes license plate and who told us we help contribute 64 million dollars to the economy here – – then he told a touching story about one of his grandchildren….) and then the prizes were quick and I kid you not – – I was back home within 30 minutes. It broke up that fast. I don’t know, maybe that is what the plan was, but I didn’t feel like I had nearly as much fun as usual. As soon as the drawings were over the whole party seemed to exit en masse. BOO! What happened to hanging out and meeting people??? Well I left too so I can’t really talk, eh???????

Anyway – – the new job is cool but weird all at once. I am not involved with any shows! BOO! but I know who everyone is so watch out! heh heh heh

Okay an update soon, but I hope I will even know any gossip since I am only in the office.


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  • melissa s. says:

    Okay on Monday I was a little sad because I was missing the big day. I called Kate Galvin and she reminded me that I got out at a good time. All those changes. I told everyone in Garland UT about Fred’s speech and how dare it not happen. Thanks for the updates of the day. I love hearing them. AND no one even called me to ask if I would donate prizes–Mary Kay. Pass the word around if people need anything, I’ll still cut them a deal…. 40% off to the Festival Folks… best deal EVER! (I’ll ship for free too!)

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