Searching for Medicals from the Gym

Posted by AngiGrrrl on 08/25/2013 in Musings |

So tonight I went to the gym after all my paperwork was done. That was about 10pm. Matt called as I was walking over so I switched to FaceTime and we chatted while I started my workout. Then we talked about a medical form I need for work but forgot to look for before I left. The doctor said they would fax it to me in 7-10 days but seriously, I had to go back to 1985 to find a fax machine to send the form and then had to beg them (the Straz Center…you know…Tampa Center for Performing Arts….) Yeah, beg them to let me receive a fax there. Luckily they are very kind and said I could, buuuut I’m nervous that it wont arrive in time so I wanted Matty to help me find the actual document and forgo all the painful waiting. He had looked for a while last week and couldn’t find it. Hooray for FaceTime because I could make him let me look around the office for it myself. I found it with his help in a To Be Filed pile and he sent it over! All that took 51 minutes and burned me 341 calories. Not too shabby. LOL
3 miles biking
4 reps of 15 on the Ab / back extender machine (I love how it cracks my back… LOVE)
4 reps of 15 on the squat machine
1/2 mile on the treadmill
341 calories burned

Mall walking

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On 8/24 I got my first day off from my new (very demanding) job. I’m in Florida for this job so my parents were able to drive up to see me. I went to get my physical for work early in the morning and then I went to the gym to work off some steam. After that my parents took me to lunch and we shopped at the mall for a while. Mall walking is sort of a contact sport on the weekends. I was dodging people and strollers like a pro.
Anyway, turned out I walked 2 miles at the mall alone! Not too shabby.

Walking 2.75 miles in 53 minutes burning 308 calories
Biked 2 miles in 10 minutes burning 101 calories

Just a quicky

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I know I have not blogged in 5 days but I’m finally settled as much as I can be in my new temporary home.

8/18 Vinyasa flow 90 minutes 454 calories
8/19 Vinyasa flow 60 minutes 351 calories
8/20 Travel day No exercise, crap day of doom but I didn’t cheat or eat badly AT ALL!
8/21 Walked 2.6 miles. Burned 300 calories.
8/22 Walked 2 miles burned 300 calories (walked much faster).

I’m tired, I’m cranky. I’m sore. I wish I was able to exercise. My apartment complex has an amazing fitness center and yoga room. It opens after I leave for work and closes before I get home. It’s cool. I’m just roaming downtown Tampa for exercise. Did I mention how humid it is?

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Halfway to my first goal!!

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Got distracted and didn’t blog yesterday. I guess the fact that yesterday was my only full day to pack and get ready, gives me am excuse, but really it’s because I forgot to add it to this weeks to do list. Doh!
Technically Thursday and Friday are my days off. Although now that I’m on call, every day is off unless I get a call. Buuut, my boss happens to have left for vacation so I’m working today, tomorrow and Monday. Then I leave early Tuesday for my new gig. Hence yesterday being my big push day. The rest of my time in Vegas will be spent rocking out backstage at Michael Jackson ONE. Not a bad way to go out, just feeling a little stressed for time.
Anyway, I’ve experienced a huge loss in the last few days! Ketosis has finally kicked in and I’m super happy with the results. Runkeeper just emailed to congratulate me on making it halfway to my first goal!!! With a month to go, I think I’ll make it. It was a little rough in the beginning. I gained after the Master Cleanse, which is to be expected when you go from liquid diet to Keto diet. Then I started to lose again and I gained when I ate badly at my friend’s wedding. Now I’m back on track, firmly in ketosis and ready to continue the ride!
Yesterday was only packing an I didn’t wear my HR monitor, but I was sweating like crazy and I logged 123 calories burned (by estimation).
Today is technically my day off but I’m in the sauna right now. Sweating like its my job and getting those toxins out!!!
I’m 37 days into my 66 day challenge.
I’ve lost 19.2 lbs.
I feel great!

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And my world flipped upside down

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Late last night I accepted an offer for a new job. I’ll be flying to Florida on Tuesday to begin rehearsals and then will get on a ship for 3 months. The good news is I should be able to continue my diet with little to no problems. However, I’ll be in Florida for a month with no access to a gym. Hopefully it’ll be warm enough for me to swim, but I’m really going to miss my yoga classes
Once onboard I’m golden. State of the art gym, sauna, yoga classes, etc. I’m hoping to come home 30 lbs. lighter.
Now I’m frantically packing, dealing with all I need to do and hoping I can handle working the rest of the week!
75 minutes Vinyasa flow
341 calories
16 lbs down

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